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PAD was started as a way to focus and express over 10 years architectural design experience, utilising skills acquired at some of the UK’s leading architectural practices working on a wide range of high value projects throughout the U.K and abroad.

Our Mission

PAD is a design-led practice dedicated to producing high-quality architecture, tailored to our varying client’s needs. Whether it’s a large scale residential scheme or a bespoke private home, our aim is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations by providing a focused and efficient service.

Carysfort Close | Yaxley – Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Our Values

The Name Phi was chosen as it represents the Golden Ratio. Numerically this is represented as 1.618 or with the symbol Φ in Maths. This ratio is found throughout nature, wherever “beauty” is present. For example, the arrangement of rose petals, the proportions of an attractive face or even at a grander scale, the arrangement of the arms in a spiral galaxy. This ratio was first brought to popular attention by the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci via his discovery of the Fibonacci curve; this was further translated visually through Leonardo Da Vinci’s many works, most notably in the proportions of the Vitruvian man.

Architecturally, within classical Greek architecture, Phi can be found by dissecting the proportions of the Parthenon in Athens. For us, we chose Phi as a way to remind us that beauty/ aesthetics need not be forgotten or compromised in place of functionality, rather as in nature, we can use it to create efficient and compelling Architecture.