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This forms the backbone of what we do, and while it is an all-encompassing phrase, it accurately describes the core of our business. To break it down, we are able to assist on a variety of projects which includes but is not limited to: Master planning, Private Residential House design including barn conversions and bespoke high-end one-off properties, Commercial Residential design for developers, including multi-storey properties or multiple houses on a large site. We also offer Commercial design including offices, warehouses, storage units and most recently we have undertaken the design of transportable modular office structures. Our approach is to cater to our client’s varying needs and adjust our resources and our team to realise our client’s goals.


Within our architectural services, we offer Planning. With most projects whether it’s an extension or the large scale master planning of multiple residences, Planning is a critical step in the process. There can be instances where our client’s projects fall within permitted development rights. However, this is a tricky path to navigate, and often the line is blurred and often requires a more tailored approach. This is where we can help, we have at your disposal qualified designers, planning consultants and engineers, able to stress check any potential issues prior to making a planning application, this greatly reduces the instance of failure or refusal and while we cannot guarantee planning permission. We can provide assurance that we will thoroughly appraise your project and give you our best advice no matter what you’re intending to build. This includes but is not limited to, advice on construction in a conservation area, change of use, urban construction or remodelling, construction in greenfield sites or brownfield sites among many others.


This is a specialised field and requires a complex knowledge of health and safety and construction site management. Once your project is at this stage, we will put you in touch with specially qualified consultants who will be able to meet your construction project management requirements.